Put your child in motion while driving home lessons in math, reading, science, spelling and more with the V-Motion TV Learning System! V-Motion is a brilliant breakthrough gaming console that combines wireless, motion-activated play, web connectivity and educational gaming into a system that plugs directly into your television! Get into the game with all your child's favorite characters including Scooby-Doo, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Spider-Man, as well as new ones like Kung Fu Panda, Wall.E, and Wonder Pets! Your child will love the wireless action packed play with all their friends that guide them through age-appropriate skill levels and developmental activities. The exciting "Action Mania" Smartridge is available now.

The InnoTab® 3 Plus opens up a world of learning fun and offers kids educational topics across a wide variety of subjects. Your child will enjoy playing on this fun learning tablet for kids with 12 included apps and a Rechargeable Power Pack so you can recharge your InnoTab® 3 Plus again and again! Entertaining game play teaches reading, math, social studies, handwriting, science, problem solving, geography and much more. From VTech®, the one-stop learning authority.

* Rechargeable Power Pack (includes rechargeable batteries and AC adapter)
* 180° rotating camera
* Plays videos and MP3 songs
* Expandable memory
* 10 onboard apps including My Magic Beanstalk Game, Wonder Cam, Movie Maker and more
* Movie Maker lets kids become their own director, using their photos to create amazing movies
* Art Studio unleashes your child’s creative side as they color, draw, paint and decorate with special stickers
* 2 free downloadable apps (select content only)
* E-Reader with story dictionary
* 2 styluses and a stylus string
* 4.3" color touch screen
* Age-appropriate content includes a recommended age and grade range for your child's unique needs
* Expert supported curriculum is reviewed by the VTech Expert Panel. See video below.

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Smart video gaming goes anywhere with the V.Smile Cyber Pocket -- featuring a flip top high resolution screen and an easy touch writing pad. Cyber Pocket even adjusts to both right and left-handed players. Playing Cyber Pocket at home? An easy TV connect cord allows the game to be played on the TV so you can see the action on the big screen. It looks and plays just like the big kids' systems!

The Cyber Pocket includes the new V.Link that lets kids track their scores and play bonus games on-line. A secure website shows kids how their game scores stack up as well as provide them with bonus games to reward their progress. It's easy to use and encourages them to keep up the good work!

Best of all, V.Smile Cyber Pocket plays all of the Smartridges in the V.Smile Library. So as their skills grow, you can keep supplying them with new challenges. Check videos below, or go to:

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